Friday, April 15, 2011

My April goodies and rant! (very long and pic heavy)

Let me first start off by saying I am sorry for slacking on the posting...things have been a bit hectic at work and by the time I get home I am way to exhausted to even give the boyfriend a kiss. By the way I work 530 AM to about 2PM 5 days a week. I am not a morning person and especially am not nice to happy morning people(this ones for you Helen). I am the key holder slash everyones bitch post and assistant and it really is causing me a bit of stress. Hence me buying excessive amounts of makeup I don't need. Also I wanted to apologize for my makeup face postings because I normally take pictures when I get off work, not at 4AM. I can barely put the stuff on let alone take good pics of it. So if there is any creasage or icky crap in my eye its because I take it after a normal 8 1/2 day. I try to make it look better when I do take pictures but if you notice it...well more power to ya its not gonna change my style. Oh and some advice don't go for a 2 hour bike ride after no exercise for a year. I am in so much pain I cried most of the night my body hurts so bad. Still does but I can at least walk right now. It was cool though...I met some tourists and we rode together for a while. Let me just say I have lost faith in the human race because I see so many people who are rude and obnoxious and just craptastic people. I am a waitress I can attest to the fact of it. So when I meet people who truly are nice it really blows my mind and makes my day so much better (that's for you Mr and Mrs Wilson). Anyways back to the reason I am on here...I recently became a nail polish fanatic! I amassed over 30 bottles in a 6 month period. I will not torture you with them I will just show you some from the last 2 days. I bought China Glaze Riveter Rouge at Ulta, and the other four at Sally Beauty Supply(who is having a buy 2 get 1 free deal on all nail polishes). I bought Hard Candy Kaleyedescope Eyeshadow in Pick Up Line which I was told that the green was a dupe for Urban Decay Graffiti. Not so much. The green from Wet N Wild's I Dream of Greenie palette was closer. So on to the pics!

Here are finger swatches of Pick Up Line.You tell me if its a dupe or not

Hard Candy Kaleyedescope Eyeshadow in Pick Up Line

Nina Ultra Pro in Purple Xing, OPI matte in La Paz-itively Hot, China Glaze Flying Dragon and Fast Forward Top coat

OPI looks red but its a neon pink shimmer

Here you can see the sparkle in Flying Dragon

Tried to capture the holo glitter in here but it kept coming up silver

Blurred to show colors

Riveter Rouge

And I thought you would get a kick out of seeing my swatch nail. This is what my nails end up looking like by the time Im done. This is 9 different colors and only one I bought. Can you tell which one?

So I hope everyone has an awesome night day whatever time it is where you are. I am off to paint my nails and get up early again.

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  1. the colors of the nailpolish are nice! Love how you putted on the colors on you nails ^-^
    I think you used the glitter one. :)