Monday, March 14, 2011

Shatter Polish Review

I finally got into the shatter craze that everyone seems to be in! I bought OPI Black Shatter when it first came out and then bought China Glaze Crackle a few days ago. Here is what they both look like in the bottle:

Black Shatter was 8.50 a bottle whereas I bought China Glaze 2 for 10 at Sally Beauty!
Let me just start by sayin they both are awesome in their own ways.

-Black shatter is thicker and has a larger brush.
-China Glaze is thinner and has a smaller brush. 

When I applied  shatter you either go thick or thin on this. Some nails went one way some went another. Not too happy about that because some came out uniform and some came out funky lookin. When I applied crackle though, it was awesome til I put my pants on when it was still a lil wet (dumbass me). Also when you use shatter it thickens at the top of the brush and bottle and it gets harder to work with whereas crackle didnt. I got full coverage on my nails with shatter in one stroke and 2-4 with crackle. Also you have to make sure your nails are very dry when you apply this. I guess they werent dry when I applied crackle and it looked like stripes. I waited a day to apply it to the other hand and it came out perfect ( til I messed her up). I always do my nails before I go to bed and I waited the night before I put shatter on and it came out pretty good.  They are both decent polishes but I personally prefer crackle. Just wish they came out with a big brush. If I left anything out you wanna know just comment! What are your thoughts on this crazy phase?

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