Monday, March 28, 2011

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone EOTD

I bought all of the new WnW palettes and have done a few looks with them but none have looked as good as the one I did today. I must say Im pretty proud of myself. I am still not very good at all the blending and all that but today my makeup looked *singing* awesome! I used the eyelid, crease, and definer color on the right side and the eyelid color on the left side almost to my browbone. I have been ridonkulously slacking on them and tried to cut them out of most of the pics but if you do see a glimpse I apologize for the horror! everything blended together so well I am so proud! Onward....

Also I bought a new polish by OPI called Russian Navy. It is the greates polish ever made!!! It looks almost dark blue until you hit it a certain way and then you get this purple sparkle and she is gorgeous.  The bottle looks purple tho.

Here you can see the blue and some of the purple

The bottle looks purple
Here is part of the sparkle so bee-uu-tee-ful.
anyways im off to bed i have work ridiculously early and still want to paint my nails another color! Like black with  OPI DS coronation on top!

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