Friday, December 17, 2010

LOLanne's Giveaway

Ok so I have been investigating on this wonderful website everones pages and about 832458 pages in I came to LOLanne....Not only is she funny!--she is giving away free stuff....stuff from MAC. And those people that know me I kill for MAC products. No seriously I do! So I am posting a link on here so you can go check it out but DO NOT ENTER! Because I want those products and unless you want to die you will do as I say! so go check it out and help me win MAC!!!!!! Listed below are the items you could win!!!
Ninja Boy and Girl made by me inspired by HerroHachi :)
small make up pouch/bag that i bought from the lovely Denysia :)
2x BNIB palettes (never swatched... opened once to take this pic :P)
both are from MAC's magic & mirth holiday collection (which came out last year)
left - Sorceress; right - Devil May Dare
3x MAC blushes
BNIB MAC lipglass in Frozen Dream
2x MAC eyeshadow suites
10 pairs of asian lashes!
And there is my pic of the day!

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