Thursday, December 23, 2010

Purple Silver and Blue Look

So for my first actual makeup post I might as well do three of my fave colors. I used three different brands on my eyes. MAC Beautiful Iris, Nyx Pacific, and Wet N Wild Silver from Don't Steal My Thunder(color icon palette).
So I am a po' bitch and cant afford all the expensive makeup you people have so I settle for less but doing that is starting to make me mad so you can betcha I will be buying better quality shite.
Anyways here goes in order:
E.L.F eye shadow primer
WNW silver on first third of lid and inner corner and first third of bottom of eye
MAC Beautiful Iris on second third of lid and on bottom
Nyx Pacific on last third and on bottom of eye
Revlon Grow luscious mascara

And also a little rant for you as well.....I don't care to hear how bad my face looks, what horrible quality of pics I have, nothing negative because I know I am an amateur.I do not have this shit perfected and if you don't like it go read it somewhere else! I am new and love my makeup so will try to show you what my makeup looks like since I have noticed most people don't have drugstore quality makeup. So if you a po' bitch and want good ideas you have come to the right place if not...well then go eat a donkey cuz I don't care.

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