Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Purple and Blue fun day!

Ok let me get started by saying I am a big fan of MakeupbyTiffanyD. So when I saw this look with purple and blue I knew I had to do it!

Products used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Beautiful Iris (its a fake but we will go into it later)
Ulta Mosaic
Maybelline medium purple from their Amethyst Smokes palette
Maybelline cream liner in black
Wet N Wild mega lash mascara.

Ok so let me first apologize for the crappy camera work. I am still new so no yelling at me. Also I had fun with this its very bright and shiny which I am not sometimes. And the MAC fake shadow? I bought it on ebay because I am a fan of anything purple and for $4.00 its was to good to pass up. Well other than that I hope every one has a good day and any suggestion are greatly appreciated!

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