Thursday, January 27, 2011

A few brain cells short....

Ok so I first have to say that I got a new car!!! Yay. This one is in my name and I love it. I went from a 91 Honda accord to a 2003 Nissan altima and she is a beaut! Here is a pic:

Ok so I have done a few looks and one I think from like 2 months ago I need to get rid of the pics...I keep forgetting with all the new car feelings lol. So this was a random silver look that I have on about 4 other palettes and I combined them all. I do not remember the names or which palette they came from haha so this one is pics only!

Please ignore the spots where my glasses sit...its looks redonkulous I know but I cant afford contacts...and I was lazy that day so my makeup looks like ass. anyways everybody have an awesome day and I will hopefully post again soon!!!!

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