Friday, January 28, 2011

my cat tells me things....

so I figured since I started this blog some people may wonder why it is called books, makeup and Bella. Well I am a bookworm I love books...any type of books. Romance, history, mystery true crime science fiction self help all that shit! Makeup is my number one addiction and since I got a new car I wont be able to afford it now but I cant still get my fix thru you guys on here! I may go buy the new wet n wild 8 pan palettes tho just as a goodbye til I have more money. And Bella...where do I start. She is my love! My cat my friend and a bitch. No literally she is. She talks back, talks smack, yells at me when I don't feed her quick enough and pretty much terrorizes all the animals in the house. But they all love her and treat her with enough respect. So here is what my devil child looks like!
this is the devil after we first got her
this is her terrorizing me when she was still small enough to do so.

helping me out with my newspaper reading

And this is the fat ass now just taking over the damn house.

Again she does what she wants when she wants!
So there you have it..that is why my blog is called what its called. Can you tell I love my cat? Haha she is a trip and defines me exactly. I personally think she got her attitude form me! Well I will be back with a few more looks and hope you are enjoying my little blog so far!

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