Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My adventures with eyeliner

SO I am the worst person at putting on eye always ends up looking good while the other looks like a little kid put it on. But I was on Kandee Johnsons blog and watched her do a winged eyeliner look and wanted to copy part of it. Actually I ended up copyin most of it and just doin it my own way! I started out with a light matte brown eyeshadow and did a little deeper brown on the outside corner. I used mostly stuff I got from a free kit from ulta so no names on what they are.  Used black pencil liner to create the wing(make sure its sharp) then added black shadow on top to even it out and cover empty spots. I started using this mascara from Wet N wild called Mega lash and its makes my lashes look longer than hell! I was using Revlon grow las but I switched. I have about four I switch between!

I will include some pics....just remember nothing professional I am self taught so no making fun me. any comments and/or suggestions are much appreciated!

                          had to add one of my lashes-i still cant believe how well the cheap stuff works!

Ok well hopefully I can get my butt back on here tomorrow and do another one! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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